Illustration. 3:25.pm

After more than one photo shooting attempting, many de-cat hair dustings, and using nearly every light stand I have…the final is here!

It is all paper and a lot of careful gluing, with acrylic on the board and mica pigments (“glitter”) on the black wall. Some gouache was used on the guys skin because I don’t have the right paper color, so I made my own. The floor has curled paper swirls holding up frosted mylar that I coated with matte medium to take the transparency down. Evidently, glue works even better because you can tell where the papers meet.

The only process shots I have. I kept with the pink swirl, but as the piece developed the yellow wasn’t working. Her vest also met a green marker for the same reason. Luckily, all this made for minimal digital work.


Purses and bags and knots!


Craft,Sewing. 12:17.am

Now for something completely different. I have plenty of stuff laying around that needs a facelift, and decided that these bags could use some dye and fabric. (more…)


Paper frills


A new illustration I’m starting, with not flat papercuts! I was in the sketchbook and saw a Megan Brain image on my stack of inspiration/reference. Trying my hand at it and it’s fun!


Weekend paintings

I’ve been spending the days in studio. After warming up with sketchbook pages I’ve started a papercut. Then after that I started to scan months worth of work. Now I’m even more behind in blog postings!

I had this fabulous dream that the park across the street where I grew up was full of these tiny little colorful groundcover flowers. I’m a sucker for the little gems hidden in lawns. While the evenings are cool enough I’m going out and taking my macro plant photos.


Queen of dragon hearts


Illustration. 7:14.pm

This began with a cheap made in china frame in bright metallic colors. I sprayed it a more stately black and trimmed down my stack of loose paper for the portrait.

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