Relief Prints


All of these were done during my printmaking class, in editions of five (with extras made in some cases.) Most of these are available for sale.

intaglio print from copperplate etching, 8″x10″. I also did a few with spot watercolor, and one with silver-foil in the triangles. When I get around to it, I’ll update with an example.

Linoblock print on handmade paper, 14″x14″.

Collograph print, 10″x14″ (this edition was done in various colors and without color, this is just the only one I have scanned.)

Watercolor monoprint, 5″x7″. I did 4 other masks in a similar style, this turned out to be my favorite.

Oil monoprint, 9″x7″. This was also printed with different color combos, different duck placements, etc. I think the cloud and water made this one stand out.