Calligraphy Samples


Calligraphy sample booklet with a fun enclosure.


Stationery Update – Documenting


Greetings! I realize it has been almost two years since my last post – far too long! Time for an overhaul. I spent the last two days documenting some of my work… looks like I have to get out the camera again to retake a few shots after reviewing them. Here is a small preview. Most of these were done at work, so quite a difference from my personal designs. Mostly very simple, vector art with a couple colors. I also like to print my concept work on very textured paper to complement the art, unlike the flat card stocks here. Shimmer paper is also very popular with brides – it works sometimes but the paper soaks up the ink and really fades the print!

Wedding - Maura Suite 1

Designed for and printed by LTM Party

Wedding - Wild Rose Suite 1

Designed for and printed at Epitome Papers

Wedding - Pollack Program 2

Designed for and printed at LTM Party

Wedding - Chafin Suite 1

Designed for and printed at LTM Party

Wedding - Wolcott Welcome 1

Designed for and printed at LTM Party

Okay here is one not done at work – because this was for my wedding! Our third anniversary is coming up and I have never posted this online! I was pretty early in my stationery career, so there are things I wish I could change now. Overall the personality is in keeping with the venue (built before 1920 for one of the Ringling Brothers), the time of year (“fall” in Florida?), and of course the artsy bride (sorry the groom had no say!). Maybe one day soon I will revisit this and give it the treatment it deserves! (Too bad I can’t say that for the actual wedding day!)

Wedding - Crissey Suite 1

Designed, printed, assembled and calligraphy by Shannon Crissey


Wedding peony




Second Sarasota Map


This is the second map I have designed as a wedding save the date. The tea length size was fun to work with and suited the destination quite well.


Love is


Menu and table card designs… still working on the program and had some cute ideas for place cards. If you can’t tell by the meny (would be easier to read at actual size, ideally letterpressed…) I was totally dreaming of a new england wedding. I might have to throw together a mood board for it now!


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