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Shadow Ecco


Ecco bears the marks of exile permanently. However, she has gradually learned how to make them appear to fade. The entire spell is written all over her body vertically, written in the ancient peragros language. The final mark that bears her name and number of exiles is on her forehead. That mark is harder to make fade, but by third exile she had mostly controlled it. Since it is easier for her to concentrate on keeping only most of the marks invisible, whatever clothing she is wearing will also be covering visible marks. Another workaround is darkening the skin itself to match the natural black of the marks (usually arms and legs fading to complete black hands and feet).

Here Ecco is in transition, summoning shadows to envelope her.

ACII Shattered Halo Volume 1

Personal projects are the best. It may mean putting of possibly more important things like paid work. But I’m glad I got this where it is, even if it’s only meant to be seen by a handful of people. I learned a lot, have something to show for it, and have only reiterated that I will probably always be stuck between two very different careers. And that’s okay.

First Exile – Everyday outfit

Rough color-in.

First Exile – Sketch

That marker bleed through. Next book is definitely not going to be a moleskine.

First Exile – Outfit Designs

Discovered Gelareh Designs and their jackets are perfect for Ecco. Look, I already solved the open back design issue. Ultimately, I think I’ll settle with a combination of the bottom row, I like the shoulders/sleeves of bottom-left and the bottom half of bottom-right.
I guess this would be what she wears when not in plate, since the side shave doesn’t happen until she gets the plate.

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