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First Exile – Everyday outfit

Rough color-in.

First Exile – Sketch

That marker bleed through. Next book is definitely not going to be a moleskine.

First Exile – Outfit Designs

Discovered Gelareh Designs and their jackets are perfect for Ecco. Look, I already solved the open back design issue. Ultimately, I think I’ll settle with a combination of the bottom row, I like the shoulders/sleeves of bottom-left and the bottom half of bottom-right.
I guess this would be what she wears when not in plate, since the side shave doesn’t happen until she gets the plate.

First Exile – Outfit Ideas

Rough sketch of Ecco during first exile, before plate armor. Trying to figure out the logistics of how the back works is going to have to be another day, but for some reason I always goo back to this sort of super strappy design.

First Exile – Helmet

Ecco the emotional teenager. Underneath all that shiny armor even you have feelings… whatever they may be.

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