ripping. tearing. fighting for breath. pushed and pulled, scraped and stabbed. pushed into confinement, senses shutting down. eyes squinting, straining. searching as the blackness enveloped. hands reaching as far as they could while still being tied tighter and tighter back. every muscle twitched in response to the overwhelming pain. gasping for release. for it all to end. for the fear to go away. for the bones to stop crunching and the heart to stop beating. blood red hot about to boil its way through. tear stained skin tingled already exhausted nerves. couldn’t swallow. ribs too twisted to let in any air. neck too broken know of anything else. a complete mess.

That was how it went. How it ended. How it started. Brought down past the ground in the worst fashion possible. Mortalized. A death fit for no one but the ones who had no heart within them. The inner soul forever wounded in a suspended death, where there is no release. No passion for anything. No drive or want or need. Just exsist. And whatever happens…is unstoppable so it must happen.

An exile in the realm of Aether is rare. And in it’s prime, Aether luckily only witnessed one. Alas, with such pain comes a price. To kill someone in such a fashion, and bring about from it an uplifting joyous cheer as it happened…

They say the monster that caused all this pain was cursed. That there were followers, good people, that wished it lived. Their anger, along with the monsters’, reflected an unseen energy upon the realm. Slowly, the proud children died off, leaving behind Lasrevinu’s first barren realm.

And now I am here and I can see everything. Once upon a time monster, truth and lie shall never cross my hand again.