Name: Refero Exsul. EccoXile. Ecco.

Race: Realm Traveler (Regnum Peragros)
Lineage: Neutral – Shadow/Light elemental
Line of Work: Shattered Halo Guardian
Weapon of Choice: Light & Shadows, and either a Pallasch or Schiavona type sword
Weapon Background:
Light & Shadow – Being composed of half shadow-half light, Ecco has the ability to control similar elements of the world around her to her will. Her body and that ability are her best weapon that has nearly limitless powers. Her most common use of this is shape shifting the elements into weapons or creatures. This could be duel swords, shadowy demons, or even an earthquake. Always one to favor her darker half, she is still learning to master her light half.
Sword – Ecco doesn’t have a particular weapon of destruction passed onto her from her ancestors… she simply uses what is at hand. And since they are made of her elements, it could be anything. However, she does favor slim, long swords or duel swords. Such as a pallasch or schiavona.
Spero (Hope) – A necklace of her mothers, now in the possession of Bali. A silver charm of feathered wings. Six were made, very early in the peragros history. When separate, these charms provide nothing more than hope. Together, they form the Spesei Clavi. There is also a shadow set, the Mali Conflae, all in the possession of Markandeya.

As it was written, these talismans can combine into a greater force and be used as either a weapon or a shield. Or in other terms, in the wrong hands it will be destructive. In the proper hands it will provide comfort and safety.

After the exile of Ecco, these six charms became keys, and Ecco was the lock. Now their only true purpose is in Ecco’s final fate.

Placidus Stone – When Ecco first found Chama, she had with her a grey stone given to her by Sireh. For reasons unknown, the light and shadow within it separated before she actually reached the planet. Mysteriously, Ecco’s body had to separate as well in order to follow the two halves. While the stone was reunited, only the shadow half of Ecco made it to Chama.

While the Shadow Ecco’s light was recreated to be as pure as before, the true light half remains lost. (Once it was concluded that this was a type of cleansing. The light was shed and fell into aether. Next the dark half must shed and fall into shadow. Then her elements will be in harmony. This is only one theory though and it may be abandoned.)

A child from the universe Lasrevinu, and the realm of Aether. There she lived an immortal, yet tortured life. Her mother was a light element, and her father was shadow- both highly esteemed realm travelers. Ecco was seen as a monstrosity to others because of her most extreme blood line. When the others of her race saw what she could do with this gift (or curse), she was banished from her people. Exiled as her namesake, Ecco lost her mind to the darkness of her power. She sought revenge, finding that destroying entire planets suited her more. She had truly become a monster, and to all her name was feared.

Exhausted, and after narrowly escaping death, the maker of death greeted her. Lasrevinu’s own child of death, Sireh, was the one to save her from exile. He changed her back to what she started out as a young child, because Ecco could no longer remember her life. He tried to keep her away from wasting her energy against the innocent. After finding herself amongst the land of mortals, she now seeks to fight with purpose, as she once had.

Before the fall of Adamus City, Ecco was given a choice. To die, or to fight alongside Sireh. Before, she would have taken the later, as he was her most trusted mentor. But ever since the Shattered Halo, she felt she needed his guidance less and less. As a resolve, her body was sacrificed to a shadow that saved her on Chama. It became her lifeline while her own light and shadows regrew from what little was left.

Now her body is her own, as she outgrew the support and is as alive and healthy as she could ever be. Her next goal is to balance her powers of light and dark, to not favor one over another and use the two together to full realize her potential.

Ecco’s second exile officially started once she left Sireh’s lair for Chama, after receiving the new shadow.