.:Rebirth :.

The wind caught her, the cold stone below woke her. Frozen, her eyes shot open, breaking the silence around her. She was on the roof, sitting on the edge as was the norm. Upon realizing she was no longer in the office, she flung her head back…
“Empty… the calm before the storm.” Slowly she turned back, slumping onto her elbows as she looked down.
“And tomorrow we bury the fallen…” She thoughtfully buried her mouth in her fingers, eyes unfocused as her mind wandered a stray path.
“No…no. Not before…or after. Certainly not then..” She muttered, eyes now focused on a distant nothing.
“Just..that’s not how it works.” she closed her eyes, a frown as her head lowered even more.
“To fall is to back out by force, be overcome without a way to get back up. It’s to be overpowered.” Her hand slid through her hair, eyes peering out the side. “I have fallen, but I have risen” She let her hand fall into her lap.
“How….” Her voice skipped a step, looking back down. But now her eyes were coming back. “…How does a mortal rise?” She saw the city as if for the first time. She could see People on the streets, in their cars, pressed against windows seeing the same world she did, but with a different view. Ecco was inching back, rising to her feet. People living and breathing, laughing or crying. They looked at their feet; they looked at the sky.
Finally Ecco closed her eyes and took a deep breath, balancing on her toes with one hand scraping the floor.
“How many are buried under this rock? She opened her eyes and abruptly stood up. “I think i rather not know..” Only the slightest grin rocked her, content without knowing what only hindered her.

With a spin of the heel she left the outside world behind. Two steps forward, her her feet turned to dust. The shadows lightly tugged her back inside.

The Tykil Family

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