First Exile – Outfit Ideas

Rough sketch of Ecco during first exile, before plate armor. Trying to figure out the logistics of how the back works is going to have to be another day, but for some reason I always goo back to this sort of super strappy design.

First Exile – Helmet

Ecco the emotional teenager. Underneath all that shiny armor even you have feelings… whatever they may be.

First Exile – Armor

Knight armor for Ecco. From that time when she was unapologetically destroying everything.

Inktober 30/31

Slightly butchered some outfits… sorry birdman and Viego… that’s what happens when I don’t have a written description, finish the drawing… then go look at avatars that may or may not be accurate…

Inktober 21/22

The problem with ink is you can’t undo a wimpy sword. I blame being stuck on how to pose him since I didn’t want to draw his guns again, although I have no problem drawing vaguely gun shaped holsters that I assume look gun like enough.

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