Third Exile – First Outfit

Bunch of detail studies and the final sketch. I’ll end up inking and coloring as well, though I’ll probably fiddle with the sketch a bit first to clean it up. So many little bits!

Third Exile – Outfit Idea

Just needed a quick outfit change – something worthy of a traveler for when she first arrives in Xentras – and before she notices that she looks horribly out of place anyways. I was really more concerned about color because I wanted it to stand out from the normal black/white ensembles. She doesn’t necessarily need her abilities to stand out, the intention was just to go out and make some new allies (and enemies). So, matching her hair and eye color kind of plays up her noble traits

Young Realm Travelers

Since Ecco has a uniform now, I decided to draw up some classmates with some variations. Also to see how they would look for different elements.

Young Ecco

Kid Ecco! I’ve learned that if it is going to look like adult Ecco, something more than just hair/skin/eye color needs to stay the same. So it started to make sense that the academy she grows up in has some kind of uniform, and then as she grows up she sort of reinvents the outfit. The capelet stays the same, but the dress becomes sleeveless and favors gauntlets instead. She also wears leggings here, but grows out of that as well. The boots really just switch to a tighter fabric. So overall youth favors a looser fabric, adult a tighter leather and a bit more skin. Also thought a hat would be cute and more uniformish.


The heroes poncho. Which is never worn by Ecco in the story, but it really ought to be.

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