Shadow Ecco

Ecco merging into shadows.

Dragon Fight

Spear is meant to be a really quickly fashioned weapon Ecco puts together from a dragon jawbone and some kind of stick…

Ecco Montage

Had an idea for an Ecco montage… this is really rough. Because I quickly realized I need to revisit younger Ecco. Most of the story she has basically the same look, but it is still important to recognize the shift from a young/unwanted noble to the vengeful/raging teenager, to finally discovering who she really is. So, back to the drawing board!

Lucis Studies

I guess this is more working on the dynamics of the wings. Nothing too exciting. Also patterning as seen from the back. Think I have an idea for Caligo that still needs to get down on paper…


The left is more accurate to her face. Kinda need to work on the hair (she either wears it pulled back but down as on right, or pulled back and fluffed up high as on the right). Decided the wings might look better more simplified, since she has a very soft, indistinct body. The left has pretty shoddy anatomy but I was just throwing ideas down. I feel like I’m a lot closer to something I like for her though… which means color! I’m really anxious to paint her, since I feel it is going to really change the look. But I think just a few more passes on the wings before I go ahead.

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