Last Exile

Ok, jumping way ahead story wise, to Ecco’s last exile. Facing her adversaries amongst the Peragros race, Belenus (Bali) Mawr and Markandeya Letum. And that Chinese dragon shows up again. I’m currently working on this story so more notes than sketches until I figure it out.


Dragons! Ecco has two dragons following her around on Xentras. The shadow dragon (Caligo) with leather wings and the light dragon (Lucis) with feather wings. I draw Cali more because I like seeing how the bones work in the wings. I also generally like him more in the story (as does Ecco). They both have a wyvern build, which I am still figuring out how to draw. Time to draw more animals! Also, some Chinese dragons are going to start showing up.

Ecco Outfits II

A couple variations on essentially the same outfit. This is a bit more appropriate for her time in the city of Xentras, since it is a more technological city. So walking around in leather would be really out of place. I always have to keep in mind the usability of something with tail and wings… the tail is easy, but… no long capes for her. The bottom image, the dragon and middle two figures are from reference so not really pertinent. But I liked how the composition of everything turned out so I didn’t crop.

Ecco Outfits I

Ecco’s base dress is made of a tan suede, so it has some stretch and drape as opposed to stiff leather. Sometimes she wears matching bracers/greaves. And even more rarely she wears a fancy dress. (I don’t know about this one… I haven’t really explored her court dress yet.) I also tried to come up with some kind of mark of exile for her… but again, need to explore that more before I like it.

Ecco Sketch Collection

As I have started work on editing too many pages of old stories to count, I am drawing a lot of Ecco and my other characters. The headshot is pretty spot on for how I imagine her facial features… still need to learn to keep that consistency. Some of these sketches I used reference for, this first batch is kinda basic Ecco attire/studies. Way more sketches to come! And an equal amount of illegible notes/writing/random lyrics in the margins!

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