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Lucis Studies

I guess this is more working on the dynamics of the wings. Nothing too exciting. Also patterning as seen from the back. Think I have an idea for Caligo that still needs to get down on paper…


The left is more accurate to her face. Kinda need to work on the hair (she either wears it pulled back but down as on right, or pulled back and fluffed up high as on the right). Decided the wings might look better more simplified, since she has a very soft, indistinct body. The left has pretty shoddy anatomy but I was just throwing ideas down. I feel like I’m a lot closer to something I like for her though… which means color! I’m really anxious to paint her, since I feel it is going to really change the look. But I think just a few more passes on the wings before I go ahead.


Ok, I’m going to be tossing between Cali and Lucis for a bit. Really getting into little details, deciding what needs work and such. I think Cali is surprisingly going to be the more complicated of the two since he has a few more features.

I must not fear.

Refining Lucis and Cali’s true forms. They are meant to be pretty simple elementals, so no crazy attire. But their skin could be more interesting. Cali has a shadow body, but I think pieces of his skin would be lighter, almost like a broken gargoyle. Lucis is light, and I think her body would even be slightly translucent. But I think a gold, sleek, body conforming armor would be a good way to mimic Cali. Lucis has the orderly look, Cali is chaos (even though their personalities are opposite.) And the quick Ecco on the bottom is just for scale – the duo is small, but I think that fits their race/personalities more.

Second Exile – Sketch

It is really about time to make a nice polished Ecco portrait. Thinking it should include her mentors, Lucis and Cali. This pose is a bit stiff, but I keep seeing this sort of composition. Also messed with some kind of metal head adornment for formal attire – needs to be something sleek but still fit her style…

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