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Dark and Light. Black and white. Cold, hot; death, life; Evil, good; mystery, safety. Negative, positive.
We walk a thin line between the extremes, choosing which side we would rather glean.


Someone was known to quickly learn their lesson. She had let a fight slide by just once, not defending herself-not pushing back. A decade passed. No more fights arose as she fended for herself, leading a solitary life. Along the way she would find different trainers, taking in as much as she could in the shortest time possible. Then, she moved on. Those that once fought her thought she was gone.

Playing tricks was natural instinct for EccoXile.

Without knowing it, she was preparing for the battle to come. In her mind, she was merely trying to cope without her parents guideance. Without anything close to a friend back home, she didn’t dare return. Not until she knew why they dejected her.

Twelve szns young. Barely a breath to the wise peragros. She was getting close to the home base, trying to catch onto more whisperings. There were plenty. But not from the people…from the spirits. And they lead her swiftly into a treasure grove of secrets. An abandonned altar, housing the Sapientia. The book of Aether.

Finally she knew it was time to stand still. From dawn to dusk she would train. Sometimes a fellow traveler would cross her path, giving her a sparring match. When the day was done, she retired to the book. Reading by light, hiding by shadow.

Alas, time wouldn’t stand up to a lifetime of hiding. And neither would her spirit. It was time to make day trips to the more active planets of Aether. At first it was Fontisqua. Recalling stories, she knew the people to be peaceful. In it’s thick cities, it didn’t take long to catch up on the latest. Talk of Omnitos on Potentia arose, and it was time to move on. By now, she was fourteen.

Rumored the most populated city of Aether, it was easy to understand there were conflicts. They were power hungry, and there wasn’t much more to it than that. Certain status leaders were standing in others way, and mostly over land or relics. Ecco had a hunch there was more going on, but omnitonians were too shallow to bother digging out.

Her father once warned her about Vis Vires, constant enemy of Omnitos. Regardless, she ventured there once. Instantly she was shocked by the wealth of information rolling past her ears. With so much to delve into, she didn’t mind having to drop her guard for a little more.
It was a mistake she wouldn’t make again.
Returning to the altar like every night, she could sense unease all around her. Stepping into the altar, a flock of black birds burst out the door. She was used to white ones coming in every night, but not this. Sapientia was still there, much to her relief. When she gently lifted it’s cover, a stray wind blew it open, until it lay dead flat to a page she had never seen. Prophecies of the peragros end.

Of course, the wind gave her no time to read more than that. With a jump back, her senses were jumping. But all she could only feel the air getting tense. Tighter breathing, smaller steps. Slowly she drew her hand to the cover, gently holding it as she took one last look around. Nothing. Fingers on the edge, she lifted. Nothing. Digging deeper she tried again…nothing. With a sigh she stepped back again. There was no arguing with the spirits. Tonight she was on her own. As she left, she took a look around. A white bird was stationed on the roof, eyes piercing through the darkness. Ecco smiled, knowing atleast something was safe. Drawing a tear, she ventured away from her home into the unknown.


Nemul would oft pass by her child, hidden from view. But just a quick glance was all it took.

Hanging off the balance bars, three szns young. A yet ungraceful Ecco takes a deep breathe, looking through the windw of the tall classroom. Near the top was a view of a wide bridge between buildings, vines dripping over it’s edge. A quick glint of light froze her, a round disk. Nemul. Slow, paced steps away from her, almost dragging the large disk on the ground. A smear of red.

She almost fell off the bars. The light never killed mortals. It never danced in blood.

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