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Third Exile – First Outfit

Bunch of detail studies and the final sketch. I’ll end up inking and coloring as well, though I’ll probably fiddle with the sketch a bit first to clean it up. So many little bits!

Third Exile – Outfit Idea

Just needed a quick outfit change – something worthy of a traveler for when she first arrives in Xentras – and before she notices that she looks horribly out of place anyways. I was really more concerned about color because I wanted it to stand out from the normal black/white ensembles. She doesn’t necessarily need her abilities to stand out, the intention was just to go out and make some new allies (and enemies). So, matching her hair and eye color kind of plays up her noble traits


Bird studies – specifically birds know for fishing. Because that seemed like a good basis for a dragon that relies on feet and mouth to manipulate objects. Cali, having skeletal wings, has the advantage of being able to use his wings as giant awkward arms. Poor Lucis is a bit left out there, but he uses more long range attacks anyway.

Young dragon

Ecco and Cali judging the inferior light dragon Lucis. They always worked great as a duo, leaving Lucis the odd one out. Well, until Cali is gone at least, but even then it’s a weird you-can’t-replace-him relationship.


Dragons! Ecco has two dragons following her around on Xentras. The shadow dragon (Caligo) with leather wings and the light dragon (Lucis) with feather wings. I draw Cali more because I like seeing how the bones work in the wings. I also generally like him more in the story (as does Ecco). They both have a wyvern build, which I am still figuring out how to draw. Time to draw more animals! Also, some Chinese dragons are going to start showing up.

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