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Prince Arudinet

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The Arudinets

.:Lucis’ Final Letter:.

Tredecim: The otiosa war is over. As the last standing Praetorius to escape Aethers dead winds, I grant you my final words.

Please post this as a public notice. To all those that believe in life, who cherish it. To those that accept, challenge, and grow. For the eyes of those that seek answers, and the hearts of those who know love.


In Aether’s youth, in it’s golden age, there was perfect harmony. Sapientia holds all of this, unstained. It shall never be forgotten for the achievements it made, for the rich knowledge released unto Lasrevinu. Creation started the book, then the Peragros. We know where it went.
My past is there now as well.

Yes, this means the book is out of EccoXile’s grasp. I could not break my silent vow of keeping her guardians upbringing from her.

I kept out one part. It is written as ” Sireh excepi Luci et Calig caveo Refero Exsul.” If you can find It, ask Markandeya Letum for the formal transcription. Only so much can be written here. (No, It will not die in the downfall. It is too strong and proud. Please forgive It for any misfortunes It may have brought. Markandeya is much deeper than anyone knows.)

Sireh invited me to his castle in the barren desert the same way all are. By unknown force. Cali was already there, they had been acquainted for some time. But for the creation of the Vivificus, a shadow and light were needed. Time narrowed the followings down to me, the perfect match for the shadow element Caligo. Together the anointed guardians of what was to be known as Refero Exsul. The words drove all fears out of me. Sireh was not to be taken lightly, nor was this task. There was absolutely no options.

I was another tactical weapon in Creations arsenal.

I, Lucis….was a weapon. An object. I was manipulated before my coming into Lasrevinu.

Lucis was a destined fate.


Bearing these first words in mind, the rest of Sirehs words were hard to follow, I was already overwhelmed.

Listen, you can hear these words. Feel the blood coursing through your veins. Yes, mortals fit into this. It was a long first meeting with Death. But what must be known right now is the immediate tragedy.

Is Placidus a fate? For EccoXile, you thought it was.

It didn’t have to be.

Brought into a different realm, it wouldn’t have been. Outside the watchful eyes of Peragros, namely Belenus Mawr and Markendeya Letum. Do we blame them for the downfall of Aether? No.

Sireh told Caligo and I that though we knew fate could change, the events had already begun. We could have destroyed Vivificus, or the bearers Nemul Micans and Regno Dominatus. Sireh even invited us to do just that. A silence. He grinned. I cannot say here as to why this is. The answer will come after The Fate is met.

Immediately we knew the tragedy of this Exsul’s life. We were to be sole guardians of a child that will be downtrodden. Called a monster and exiled for it. Impossibly alive under straining circumstances, this Exsul was a perfect fusion of light and dark. Or would be, we could only be witness to a near balance.
This child was given no chance based on ancient powers and unchanging rules. Based on a lack of belief. Even the bearers were skeptical under their facade.
Nemul and Regno were unable to save their child because they refused to push further. The guardians had to be witness to an orphan. We would see first hand the push into training, the endless learning. EccoXiles intelligence was brought by force.

There is a reason the Exile caused more harm than imaginable. Because Caligo and I, Lucis, were unable to offer any life to this child. It would be emotionless. A revenge seeker. Knowing not love, happiness, nor peace.

We unwillingly raised a born murderer with no passion for anything but revenge.

Untrue? She was allied with others in many a good fight, saving so many. She was whisked away into a mortal universe even. Mortal lives could not change her. Hope could not release her. Too many times she fell, with only herself to raise back up.


Caligo was not hopeless. We never were. What were we hoping for?

For this. An understanding. Placidus was unavoidable. EccoXile was driven to it through Creations hands. So we helped. That is what the purpose of our guardianship was. To nurture a neutral element until it’s true birth. Then, that soul and ours would be put back into Creations stream. We lived to die. Without Aether’s last stand, it still would have happened. No life could save her.

Now you may wonder what purpose this is meant to serve. Why did one soul change an entire realms and more? Nothing of impact passes by quietly. Vivificus was one step. Refero Exsul was another. Placidus is not the last.
Creation has put the seal on the legendary Sapientia. There is no going back. They know the outcome of EccoXile’s last stand, and have put it as the last of Aether. Soon the realm will be reborn, with help from Sireh’s sister.

The last words in that meeting were the same as the last words to be installed in Sapientia.

” Sireh excepi Placidus caveo Lasrevinu.”


Caligo left our vision long ago, it is time to follow.

-Spres anchora vitae, Lucis

otiosa- calm, undisturbed, neutral, free

praetorius- general’s bodyguard

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